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Port Hedland

Explore the Region

Port Hedland is the gateway to the Pilbara. To the east you can explore the wild, rugged beauty of Karijini National Park, with its spectacular natural gorges, waterfalls and pools perfect for hiking and walking. To the south is the enchanting Millstream Chichester National Park, bounded by the spinifex lined Chichester Ranges with the Fortescue River coursing through creating natural water flows and freshwater pools perfect for swimming.

On the road north to the Kimberley, you can experience the life of a modern day drover at De Grey or Pardoo cattle stations or pull off the Great Northern Highway at Eighty Mile Beach between October and December and be treated to the rare sight of flatback turtles nesting on the white sandy beaches.

Travelling further east will bring you to the towns of Newman, Tom Price and Marble Bar. Each with their own story to tell these towns offer visitors a vast range of opportunities and experiences. From the open cut mines of Newman to the world renowned Martumili Artists of Jigalong and surrounds, through to Australia's hottest town Marble Bar to the spectacular camping and off-road sites of the East Pilbara, the region is as diverse and exciting as it is wide.

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The Pilbara is a beautiful and unique region to explore; as you leave Port Hedland to continue your holiday we recommend that you venture of to some of the other wonderful places nearby, here are just a few:

Roebourne and Cossack


Roebourne is the oldest existing town in the Pilbara, established in 1866 and is 199km west of Port Hedland. The town is scattered with gorgeous old buildings, the original town hospital, post office, Goal Police Barracks, Court House and church. Many of the original buildings in and around this historic town have been restored and provide an insight into the early pioneering times in the Pilbara. On the outskirts of Roebourne is the historical town of Cossack, the site of the Pilbara's chequered gold rush and pearling history. The old buildings on the mouth of the Harding River have been fully restored and now provide a wonderful attraction for tourists wanting to know more about the history of the region. Further out of Roebourne is the beautiful Point Samson Peninsular which is a real highlight of the West Pilbara Coast. For more information on the attractions in this area, have a chat to the Roebourne Visitor Centre.

Karratha and the Burrup Peninsula

Like Port Hedland, Karratha is a booming town that is developing quickly as a result of the mining industry and the active industry port in Dampier. The Burrup Peninsula sits right alongside Karratha and Dampier and not only boasts a stunning natural landscape but it is also home to over 10,000 petryoglyphs (rock art) which are up to 30,000 years old. This site contains the largest concentration of rock art in the world and some of the petroglyphs depict wildlife which have been extinct for around 3,000 years. The peninsula is also the site for the Northwest Shelf Gas Project, a large mining operation which can be viewed from the Burrup Lookout. Karratha is 242km from Port Hedland. For more information about Karrtha, Dampier and the Burrup Peninsular Contact the Karratha Visitor Centre.

Dampier Archipelago

Lying of the coast of the Burrup and Point Samson Peninsulas are 42 prisitine islands that make up the Dampier Archipelago. 25 of these islands are protected as part of the Archipelago Marine Park, and their sandy beaches and blue waters make them an ideal holiday location. The vast marine life makes this area brilliant for snorkelling and diving. You can often spot dugongs and bottlenose dolphins in the waters through the Archipelago, and between July and September humpback whales move through the waters as they make their way north. You can also find world-class fishing spots for deep water, reef or sheltered inlet fishing in the area. And lying to the west of the Archipelago are the Montebello Islands and Barrow Island. To find out more about the island adventures available in Pilbara contact the Karratha Visitor Centre.


You can visit Newman on your way into or out of Port Hedland via the Great Northern Highway. The town sits on the cusp of the Western Desert, 455km south of Port Hedland. In 1957 a huge iron ore deposit was discovered at Mt Whaleback, which is now the largest single open cut iron ore mine in the world only 6km out of Newman. There is also a wealth of beautiful natural sites and wildlife to discover while in the Newman area. You can also use the town as a base from which to access the central area Canning Stock Route, one of the most remote and challenging 4WD adventure tracks in the world. It is recommended that only experienced and well prepared travellers attempt the Canning Stock Route. For more information about this region contact the Newman Visitors Centre.

Onslow and West Pilbara


In the west Pilbara lies the beautiful coastal town of Onslow. It is one of the few places in the world where the sun both rises and sets over the water. You can have beautiful coastal views along the Onslow boardwalk, and this is another beautiful sight for viewing the Staircase to the Moon. Onslow also serves as the gateway to the Mackerel Islands, 22km off the coast. The reef system of the Mackerel Islands are home to a wealth marine life moving in between the Ningaloo Reef and the Dampier Archipelago, making it a stunning location for snorkelling and diving. There are tours by boat and light aircraft to the islands as well as fishing tours. For more information about Onslow and the Mackerel Islands contact the Onslow Tourist Centre.

Header image by Simon Phelps